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The Flummoxed

I am more right all the time about Kanye West being my generation’s, the Millennial generation’s, Bob Dylan. I could write an essay at this point on all the parallels! I would love to do it too, but, for now, I’ll satisfy myself with this quick blurb.

Hip-hop in the 2000s served much the same purpose folk music served in the 1960s, and much like Dylan helped make folk music popular and influential in a way it was not before, Kanye was one of the rappers helping break hip-hop into the pop mainstream in his time. Then, three years after his debut album, Dylan began to move away from “protest music” in the folk scene and go electric; similarly, four years after his debut album, Kanye began to break away from “pure” hip-hop as well, venturing into experimental hip-hop fusions with pop, synth & electro pop, and R&B. And from

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