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The admins of this site are both computer geeks who like to spout off their opinions on just about everything  especially music and movies. One fine day, these two knuckleheads decided to grace the Internet with their enlightening opinions so they could feel important somehow. In their search for an opining outlet, they stumbled upon WordPress and created the “E.D. – Music, Movies, Etc.” blog before you. To give you a better idea of these writers, let us give you a brief introduction.


David Malone is not a professional writer, as you will soon discover, but he has very strong opinions when it comes to music. They are as follows: pop music is horrible pretty much whenever the time period, the Rolling Stones and Nirvana are severely overrated, and the ’80s had the best music (not pop). For fun, David likes to program, lift weights, drink coffee, read his Bible, and spend time with his wife. Good times!

Ethan Collins may not be a professional writer either, but he admits to occasionally having dreams of being Ernest Hemingway, sitting at his desk, chomping down on a Cuban cigar, typing out the next great American novel . . . Anyway, when it comes to music and movies, Ethan has many strong opinions as well, and they mostly revolve around his principles of media consumption: Have fun; be open to new and diverse styles, genres, and experiences; don’t get stagnant; and always apply critical thinking. For fun, Ethan likes to spend time with his wife, watch movies and listen to music (of course), consume unhealthy amounts of coffee, write, and read when he gets the chance. Pure goodness! He is also an unashamed Christian and, politically, values the philosophies of America’s Founding Fathers.

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E.D. Authors:

Andrew Keating is a frustrated writer, frustrated musician, totally devoted husband and father, giving son of many mothers and fathers, faithful friend to all, voracious reader, casual observer, reluctant politician, federal government employee and part of the problem, legend in his own mind, superhero on the weekends, dreamer of movies, spelling bee winner, possessed by the spirits of Jim Morrison and Hunter S. Thompson, lifelong Redskins fan despite the dry spell, a forever Kiss fan, alive and kicking, and most importantly a metal fan ‘til the bitter end. Viva la Rock-n-Roll!

Ryan Murphy may never be mistakenly identified as a professional writer, but he definitely does not mind sharing his “expert” opinions and reviews on TV shows, movies, and music. He can credit growing up with two brothers in a house full of sports, superheroes, and cartoons for developing his knowledge on these topics. His expert opinions include but are not limited to the following: DC over Marvel, it is possible to hate Lord of the Rings, and heavy metal is really annoying. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys coaching, playing golf, and spending time with his sexy live-in maid, a.k.a. his wife.

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