About Us

The admins of this site are both computer geeks that like to spout off their opinions on just about everything – especially music and movies. One fine day, these two knuckleheads decided to grace the internet with their enlightening opinions so they could feel important somehow. In their search for an opining outlet, they stumbled upon WordPress and created the “ED – Music, Movies, Etc.” blog before you. To give you a better idea of who these writers are, let us give you a brief introduction.

David Malone is not a professional writer, as you will soon discover, but has very strong opinions when it comes to music. They are as follows: pop music is horrible pretty much whenever the time period, the Rolling Stones and Nirvana are severely overrated, and the ’80s had the best music (not pop). For fun, David likes to program, lift weights, drink coffee, read his Bible, and spend time with his fiance. Good times!

Ethan Collins may not be a professional writer, but he admits to occasionally having dreams of being Ernest Hemingway, sitting at his desk, chomping down on a Cuban cigar, typing out the next great American novel . . . Anyway, when it comes to music and movies, Ethan has many strong opinions as well, and they mostly revolve around his principles of media consumption: Have fun; be open to new and diverse styles, genres, and experiences; don’t get stagnant; and always apply critical thinking. For fun, Ethan likes to spend time with his wife, watch movies and listen to music (of course), consume unhealthy amounts of coffee, write, and read when he gets the chance. Pure goodness!


And now, here’s an archived question and answer session with David and Ethan that might just give a bit of an insight into their personalities.

Question 1: Do you consider yourself an artist in any way when it comes to music, art, crafts, or hobbies?

  • Mr. Collins: Not really, but kinda. Growing up, from the age of about 8 and up through college, I played in a couple bluegrass and gospel bands, performed backup instrumentation for a few different churches, and jammed whenever I had the chance. I also eventually got into songwriting as I began delving into other genres, such as country, CCM, blues, rock, and folk music. I’ve written a lot of songs, but I realized those probably wouldn’t get me anywhere and moved over to writing about movies and music, which is something I love. In addition to that, I’ve always loved creative writing of any kind, and my passion for creative writing intensified when I had a great 10th grade English teacher. So I guess I consider myself an amateur artist when it comes to music and writing.
  • Mr. Malone: No, I don’t. I took piano a couple of years growing up and played trombone in school orchestra for a few years, but that is about it. Thankfully, I’m able to read music as a result of my training and am able to sing all four parts (melody, alto, tenor, and bass), but as for how good I am, that is a different matter. I’m left brained to say the least, which I why I went to school for computer science and not graphic design. I might can write the software for your website; just don’t ask me to design it.

Question 2: What’s your favorite type of music or your favorite band?

  • Mr. Collins: This is a tough one, because I love so many different bands and genres. Let me just narrow it down to my top 5 favorite bands: Metallica, Queen, The Beatles, Rush, and Mastodon. That’s my top 5 right now, anyway.
  • Mr. Malone: Southern Gospel is my favorite type of music, and Gold City is my favorite band. They were the biggest influence during my childhood that led me to appreciate four part harmony. As a result, when I listen to metal and rock, the vocals and lyrics had better be good for me to like the band. The other bands I love are Metallica, Megadeth, and Van Halen.

Question 3: What’s your favorite thing to do?

  • Mr. Collins: Easy one. Hang out with my wife! Especially at the beach.
  • Mr. Malone: Yeah, I’d get shot if I didn’t say spending time with my fiancé, so I’ll go with that.

Question 4: Tell us something interesting about yourself.

  • Mr. Collins: I’ve never broken any bone in my body or ever visited an emergency room, even though I grew up on a small farm and was an extremely active kid who was constantly mountain biking, hiking, hunting, and exploring the woods, cliffs, and creeks near my childhood home. I’ve always wondered how I never got hurt all those years. I was also almost completely running our small farm at the age of 10. That included the care and feeding of hundreds of chickens, several milk cows, a few hogs, and a few dogs. And I honestly loved doing that.
  • Mr. Malone: I’m left-handed. Even though I’m left-handed, I’m always right. I did hear, however, that, on average, lefties live seven years fewer than righties, so let’s hope that’s not true with me!

Question 5: Does blogging ever stress you out?

  • Mr. Collins: Not yet, but I’m new to the game! One thing that has stressed me out a little bit is trying to decide what to do and what not to do in my posts specifically and on the blog in general.
  • Mr. Malone: Not at all. I look forward to amazing people with my writing prowess.

Question 6: Do you like to cook?

  • Mr. Collins: I don’t necessarily like to cook, but I can cook a select few things if my life depends on it! I do like to grill, though I’m not super good in that area either.
  • Mr. Malone: If by cooking you mean grilling, then heck yeah. I can grill a mean burger, steak, or marinated chicken breast. Bring it on!

Question 7: What’s your favorite reading genre?

  • Mr. Collins: Probably science-fiction. There are just so many things you can explore in that genre, from fantasy type stuff to reflections on human nature and society.
  • Mr. Malone: History. I believe my generation is chock full of ignorance when it comes to our rich history, and I will not be a part of it.

Question 8: What kinds of foods do you like to eat?

  • Mr. Collins: Oh, man! So many! I am not a picky eater. I love Italian food (lasagna may be my favorite dish of any food type), seafood (shrimp especially), burgers (like Jules in Pulp Fiction, I love me a good burger!), Chinese (yeah, I’m thinkin’ takeout, because it’s hard to beat good kung pao or General Tso’s), Mexican (any of it), Irish (hearty comfort food for the win!), Greek (schwarma and gyros) . . . You name it!
  • Mr. Malone: Oh, let’s see . . . steak and potatoes, hamburgers, fried chicken, grilled chicken, porcupine meatballs and mashed potatoes, chicken and dumplings. . . Yeah, pretty much anything that’s bad for you.

Question 9: What’s your favorite season?

  • Mr. Collins: Autumn. I grew up in the Ozarks, and autumn is just beautiful out there!
  • Mr. Malone: Winter. We don’t get much of it where I live, so I enjoy it while it lasts.