Well, guys, we did it! The ED blog, “ED – Music, Movies, Etc.,” hit 100 WordPress and e-mail subscribers this month, after nine months of life, and that isn’t even counting our Facebook-only subscribers, whom we also love. To be honest with you, I had sat 100 subscribers as a milestone goal for the end of this year. In fact, there are many end-of-year goals I sat in January that David and I have already met.

All of this is thanks to all of you, our readers. David and I try our best to turn out quality content, especially movie and album reviews, but it would all be for nothing if no one read it. Thank you, sincerely. We are grateful.

As a token of our thanks, I’d like to ask all of you, whether you’re a subscriber or not: Is there a movie, album, or other piece of music you’d like David or me to review? If so, leave it in the comments, or send it to us via our contact page. If you don’t have a movie or album you’d like us to review, you can make your request any topic in relation to music, movies, or the ED blog.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, the ED blog has been ad-free for a little while now. I hope we can continue this, because I believe it offers a much superior experience for our readers. If you would like to help us keep ED this way, please give us any amount of a donation via the PayPal donation button on this post or on any post on this site. If you can’t give a donation, we’re just happy to have you! Stay as long as you like! The more the merrier!

David and I will continue doing reviews on movies and music, mainstream, not well-known, and anywhere in between. We enjoy all the big releases like everyone else, but we also love to go deep into the underground and find something unexpected! We will also, from time to time, fulfill the “Etc.” part of our title and branch out.

Thanks again, you all! Stay happy and healthy, and have fun!