As Walt Whitman (and Bob Dylan in quoting Whitman to great effect) have said: For better and for worse, I contain multitudes, as any person does. I think this interview I did with ‘Fevers of the Mind’ illustrates that. If you want to know a little bit about my background as a writer and my current writing pursuits, check out the interview, as well as the short bio and poems linked at the end.

Fevers of the Mind

with Ethan McGuire:

Q1: When did you start writing and first influences?

Ethan: I started trying to write little stories and essays as soon as I could spell, but I did not take my writing seriously until high school. Up to that point, I would write some things down but keep very little. Mostly, I would just make up stories while doing chores on my parents’ hobby farm, or I would dream about
making a living as an outdoors writer for Field & Stream when I grew up, or I would sit at a picnic bench in front of a PVC pipe—pretending the pipe was a microphone—and act like I was reading some radio commentary I had composed.

I never actually took my own writing seriously until the tenth grade, when an English teacher, Dr. Seibert, handed me a writing assignment. I don’t remember the details of that assignment, but…

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