Last Saturday, I had the privilege of once again appearing as a guest on a small but quality podcast from GroupThink Productions with host Tyler Hummel, where Tyler and I discussed a wide variety of topics. Tyler is a prolific writer for various, well-respected, conservative and Christian culture sites like Rebeller, The Daily Wire, and Hollywood in Toto, and he has a film criticism TV show, Fox Valley Film Critics, on public access TV in Illinois. As always, I had a lot of fun talking with Tyler. Check the episode out, and follow Tyler at his YouTube channelTwitter, and Geeks Under Grace.

This episode is the 100th episode of the GroupThink Productions Podcast, and it is the final episode before Tyler’s massive podcast relaunch, so stay tuned!

Topics & Timecodes:

  • Intro to the 100th Episode of the GroupThink Productions Podcast: 00:00:00
  • Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic & Tyler’s “Lockdown Blog”: 00:01:15
  • Art as a Way to Contextualize History: 00:09:25
  • “Death of the Author,” Postmodern Philosophy in Art Criticism, & Never Look Away: 00:12:05
  • Ethan’s Favorite Films & Mel Gibson Movies: 00:18:28
  • Being Responsible Online, the Memable Alex Jones, & General Social Media Use: 00:22:10
  • “The Lockdown Journal: Part Three” & Quarantine Weariness: 00:32:40
  • Cinestate: 00:37:05
  • IT Work During Lockdown, Career Indecision for Ethan & Tyler (Writing vs. IT), College, The Kingdom of Heaven, & Ethan’s Transition from Movie & Music Writing to “Creative” Writing: 00:38:20
  • Spirits Under Bondage, Karen Swallow Prior’s classics editions, C.S. Lewis vs. T.S. Eliot, Difficulties in Art Criticism, & Seeking Intelligent Company: 00:52:15
  • Thomas Sowell, Jordan Peterson, Foundational Beliefs, the Need for Restraint, & Individualism: 01:02:30
  • Bob Dylan & Kanye West: 01:11:35
  • Tyler’s New Plans for His Podcast (Relaunching) & the Best Episodes of the Current Format: 1:19:00