Yesterday, I reblogged my “favorite Christmas movies” article from last year, which I still stand by. Today, here’s my “favorite Christmas albums” article, which I stand by as well, just in time for Thanksgiving!


Originally posted 12/02/2017. Updated and re-posted 12/02/2018.

My favorite Christmas albums. . . I originally debated how many albums to include in this list. I love Christmas music and have, over the years, amassed a large number of favorite Christmas albums. However, I ended up deciding on thirty entries, which seems like a pretty good number to me, if a large one. I’ll divide those into approximate categories to organize things. Hopefully, you’ll find something here that you’ve never heard and would like to check out, something new with which to fall in love!

So, without further ado, here are my thirty personal favorite Christmas albums of all time.




Eden’s Bridge’s Celtic Christmas (Reissued as Irish Christmas)

Released in 1997

I remember listening to this album from bed as my parents played it in the living room Christmas morning. I especially remember the guitar solo…

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