If you like to begin watching Christmas movies on Thanksgiving as I do, here’s a list for you!


Originally posted 12/08/2017. Updated and re-posted 12/02/2018. Re-edited 11/26/2019.

As with Christmas music, I love Christmas movies. Unfortunately, it seems there aren’t quite as many good Christmas films as there are Christmas records, but there’s still a lot of good stuff out there. Following are a few good, fun, Christmas movies to watch, some of them guilty pleasures but most of them legitimate favorites.

Side note: You won’t seeDie Hard or anything like that here. Die Hardis one of my top five favorite action films of all time. However, I don’t think of it as a Christmas movie. To me, a Christmas movie is a film that presents and represents the themes and ideas of Christmas and/or has Christmas as an essential part of the story plot. Die Hard has neither. It’s not about the idea of Christmas, and it could easily exist outside the season. All that…

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