If you’re a faithful E.D. follower, you will have noticed we’re currently in a bit of a dry spell. We haven’t published a new article since March 1st, with Mr. Malone’s review of the fun, new Avatar LP. Unfortunately, both David and I, in addition to the other authors we’ve recruited recently, have things going on in our lives that are, pretty much completely, just keeping us from being able to really write anything more than a few words, unfortunately. I feel bad about that, because I love writing and publishing here on E.D., and there’s a lot of good stuff that’s been coming out, both in movies and music. Yet that’s just the way it is, and the things keeping us busy in the rest of our lives are all good things for us.

Hopefully, we will be back in the saddle around late April or early May. Until then (and for whatever dry spells come in the future), I have a suggestion: follow E.D.’s authors on Twitter! On Twitter, both Mr. Malone and I, as well as new author Andrew Keating, post quite regularly about movies, music, and more. And we’d love to engage with you all over there, in addition to giving you our hot takes, or contemplated takes in short form, on all kinds of releases and other things, more than we will ever cover on E.D.

If you’re so inclined to follow us on Twitter, you can use the handy links above. We also have a Facebook page, for the blog itself, that you can check out by clicking the link near the top of this page. Until later, have fun!