Make that 200 WordPress and email followers for the E.D. Blog, “E.D. – Music, Movies, Etc.!” We hit the one year mark for the blog this past January and were hoping then to have 100 followers, but neither of us could have predicted we’d hit that mark by October and would come close to 200 within our first year! What started out as just a couple of knuckleheads jabbering and tossing around the idea of a blog, has turned into what we’d like to think of as a decent music and movie blog, with 200, upstanding, faithful followers such as yourselves. Thank you for your support.

We’ve been busy at E.D. since we hit 100 followers. I got married and have already begun my transformation into my “dad bod”, and Ethan has retained his. Both of our professional careers are still in full swing, and we still babble about like musical novices when we get together. We’re both still thoroughly enjoying researching and writing for this blog, so don’t look for us to slow down anytime soon.

To prove that to you, we’ve brought on a few authors: Andrew Keating, Ryan Murphy, and Noah O’Houlihan. We’ve also put out some feelers for other authors, so stay tuned on that front. Our intentions for bringing in authors was to add not only content to the blog, but also diversity. Andrew witnessed the NWOBHM firsthand as a youngling many years ago, so he can give us a personal perspective about the music that we frequently write. Ryan is a self-proclaimed, movie expert who prefers DC over Marvel, and Noah is a Marvel and Star Wars buff, so be looking for some opposing views from these writers. As always, we will strive to bring you research heavy, easy-to-read reviews.

Again, we thank you for your faithful support in reading our material, and trust that you allow us to continue writing to an ever-growing audience. If you have any suggestions or reviewing requests for us, comment below or contact us. Cheers!