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Release Date: December 25, 2014
Artist: Lich King
Runtime: 28:01
Label: Evil EyE Records
Producer: Brian Westbrook
Personnel: Tom Martin (vocals), Nick Timney (guitar), Brian Westbrook (drums), Rob Pellegri (guitar), Joe Nickerson (bass)

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We all deserve a second chance, right? In the case of Lich King, the answer is yes. This 2014 effort dubbed Do-Over signifies their admission that some of their prior studio production work wasn’t exactly stellar. Many of their tracks seemed muddy and well, amateur. Despite the lackluster sound quality, some picked up on the thrashing talent of Lich King. EvilEye Records, which prides itself on helping revive the thrash movement, stepped in and resuscitated some of Lich King’s best tracks. EvilEye label has also produced the likes of the Impalers, who are no slouches themselves when it comes to throwing down some glorious thrash.

For any newcomer to Lich King, this is the album I would immediately recommend. Think of the Asian restaurant at the mall that allows for the sampling of their chicken. It’s absolutely delicious and leaves you yearning for more. Do-Over is an excellent springboard into Lich King’s work that samples from a number of their prior records. While only seven tracks in length, it’s a large enough of a sample size to appreciate how creative, hilarious, and witty these guys are.

Their take on Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” is proof enough that they know how to have a good time. The subject of the song, Mr. Hamilton, deviates ever so slightly from the teacher that David Lee Roth eyes on 1984. It’s a laughing satire of the original, and as a Van Halen fan myself, I greatly appreciate the humorous effort put forth by Lich King.

For any fan of Anthrax or face-paced metal in general, check out “Thrashssacre.” Aptly named, this track found originally on the band’s debut album Necromantic Maelstrom gets a major facelift in the studio with an updated intro, guitar solos, and improved vocals by Martin. If you enjoyed the metal classic “Madhouse” by Anthrax, I promise you’ll like “Thrashssacre.”

“Black Metal Sucks”, one of my personal favorites, blatantly mocks the black metal genre and the growling vocals in general. Everything is done in good fun, so I don’t expect anyone to get too offended, especially when Lich King actually makes the song into a thrashing good time. The ending of the song; however, is a bit unexpected. Things slow down as the band lays a smooth one on us and delivers the song’s chorus accompanied by a bluesy, jazzy tune. Yes, you ready that correctly. It’s absolutely hilarious the stuff these guys come up with and refreshing to see a healthy measure of joy a band takes in their work.

I had mentioned that The Omniclasm, Lich King’s 2017 album was their best production to date. I was wrong. Somehow I looked over Do-Over so I must amend the record and say that Do-Over is by far Lich King’s best sounding album. This is what thrash is supposed to sound like in the 21st century.

Let me cap off this review with a plug for the band. Lich King does a great job interacting with their fans on social media and backing up that interaction with great music. Check these guys out on Facebook and see for yourself.

I’m going to give Do-Over an 85%.

P.S. If you recognize the album artwork, it’s because it’s a tribute to D.R.I.’s album Crossover. Apparently, members of D.R.I. weren’t overly thrilled since they claim Lich King didn’t ask permission for using their album’s artwork for a parody/tribute album, but no legal issues have arisen.


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