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Release Date: March 24, 2017

Artist: Steel Panther

Runtime: 39:13

Label: Open E Music, Kobalt Music Recordings

Producer: Jay Ruston

Personnel: Michael Starr (lead vocals, backing vocals), Satchel (lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, backing vocals), Lexxi Foxx (bass guitar, backing vocals), Stix Zadinia (drums, percussion, backing vocals)

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DISCLAIMER: If you don’t like politically incorrect music, you won’t like the album or this review.

From the band formerly known as Metal Skool, formerly known as Danger Kitty, formerly known as Metal Shop, currently known as Steel Panther, we’ve been given a hilariously cheesy, sexually-driven 39 minutes of fun packed into Lower the Bar. If you’re expecting an 80’s style thrashterpiece, you will be sorely disappointed. However, if you like 80’s hair bands such as Def Leppard and Motley Crue, and sexual lyrics without even an attempt at hidden meanings, you will probably love Steel Panther. Seriously, with the likes of “Poontang Boomerang” and “She’s Tight”, these guys make no qualms about it, they’re flat out horny.

I’ll admit, when I first heard the album, I couldn’t keep from laughing. The lyrics were like something you’d hear teenage guys or a group of guys at a hardware store say. I mean really, who says: “Hey baby, you mind if I dip my nuts in your chocolate?” Steel Panther – that’s who. But I get it, these guys don’t take themselves seriously at all, and just try to have fun while providing some side-splitting, raunchy humor.

Something I found immediately appealing was the 80’s, nostalgic, hair metal sound that I rather enjoy from the likes of groups such as Motley Crue. The music throughout is quite good, and actually made this album worthwhile. Having sexually-driven lyrics will only get you so far, and the accompanying guitar work from Satchel, and steady drums from Stix Zadinia complemented Starr’s voice really well. There are numerous tracks (“Goin’ in the Backdoor”, “Poontang Boomerang”, “Wasted Too Much Time”) that are quite memorable musically.

Not only did I notice the 80’s, hair metal sound, but Starr’s voice sounded strikingly like a young “Diamond Dave” David Lee Roth from Van Halen’s earlier work, and I was definitely okay with that. You may not agree, but his range and tone are quite similar to me, and the screeching he does throughout Lower the Bar gave me flashbacks to Van Halen’s 1972 Van Halen. Honestly, I can’t help but think Steel Panther sounds like what Motley Crue would have sounded like with Lee Roth as their front man. Not bad at all!

Anyway, there isn’t much more to add since I’m not going to delve into the lyrics because of their rather – ahem – straightforward nature. If you’re looking for some comedic relief, Lower the Bar just might have what you need.

I’m going to give Lower the Bar a 70%.